Sabres Postpone Game Because Of 'Storm Of The Decade' [PHOTOS]

Buffalo Blizzard of 2014
Welcome to Buffalo, where the New York State Thruway is closed, the police are patrolling on snowmobiles and the Sabres postponed their scheduled game against the Hurricanes at the First Niagara Center because of the threat of “as much as 3 feet” of snow.
Because they call Buffalo home, the Sabres have had to call off games because of snowpocalypses before, with the most recent incidences coming in 2000 and 1995. That does make this storm system a “Storm of the Decade” candidate.
And, they don’t just throw the term blizzard around in Buffalo. There are levels to this shit:

“A blizzard, by definition, is when you have sustained or frequent wind gusts greater than or equal to 35 mph and visibility less than one-quarter mile for at least three hours,” said Tom Paone, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Buffalo, Monday evening. “We’ve already kind of achieved that.”

Science! So how bad was it near the First Niagara Center? This bad:

No make-up date has been announced for the game.

[H/T: Deadspin | Photo Credit: @mikemikemac]

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