Katherine Webb Sugar Bowl Roundup, Floyd Bets $50k & Boomer Eye Patch

Katherine Webb Sugar Bowl Roundup, Floyd Bets k & Boomer Eye Patch


So that was a fun Sugar Bowl. Remember how you were told that Alabama’s defense was the nation’s best and would dominate Oklahoma? Embarrass them? How about giving up 348 passing yards to a freshman quarterback. Dominance.

I’ve been trying to tell you guys, the gap between the SEC and other conferences is shrinking by the year. Defense is history. 79 points in two games, boys.

Bama’s quality wins this year: LSU and Texas A&M (who gave up 48 to Duke).

Finally, from @RJinVegas:

#Bengals perfect 8-0 ATS at home this season. How rare is that? Cincinnati only 5th team in last 25 seasons to do so.

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