The Lindsey Duke DUI Mugshot

BC reader Shane M. writes: “I saw all your tweets about Lindsey Duke and didn’t know if you heard about her DUI. The chick is smoking hot and not afraid to go to jail after a night of partying. You gotta post her mugshot.”
So, after a little digging, it turns out that Shane was right about 2014s Katherine Webb being arrested for DUI. It happened October 5 in Orlando.
This story just keeps getting better and better. She’s insanely hot, might have a big pair of boobs, gets into bikinis, parties, dates potential first-round draft pick and has a mugshot on the Internet.
I’ve said it since 2012 when I introduced her to the Internet, Lindsey Duke has always been destined for Internet greatness. The pieces to the puzzle are all falling into place to make this chick a household name by the time Jacksonville drafts Blake Bortles on May 8.

ESPN Will Turn Lindsey Duke Into Next Katherine Webb
ESPN Will Turn Lindsey Duke Into Next Katherine Webb