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Kevin Sumlin’s Knuckle, NYE Boob Grab, NYE Middle Finger & $70 Parking


And here we go with 2014.

Manziel goes out of 2013 with a performance that has the Cleveland Browns salivating. Did you see the play where he jumped on the backs of his linemen, bounced off, maintained his balance and floated a pass for a touchdown? No? You were pounding drinks at a bar? Shame on you. Go to YouTube right now.

From @Johnny_Detroit:

Since 1999, the SEC has a winning record vs. EVERY conference EXCEPT……The Big East (21-30)? Yes, I was shocked also.

Since 1980, the three Big 10 teams playing the SEC are 13-13 when playing them on a neutral field.

Who’s ready for that UNLV-North Texas New Year’s Day bowl?

Get your ass to the couch and get comfortable.

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