Count How Many Times Lou Holtz Blinks During This Vine


Picture 1

Thought I counted 14 during the six-second Vine.

Case…Colt…McCoy…same thing.

There is actually help out there to get your blinking under control. According to Natalie Peluso, too much blinking is actually a common problem.

When it comes to blinking, the average can vary from 15-30 times a minute. But it will constantly fluctuate – you blink much more slowly when you’re taking in visual information, like when you’re reading for example. And you blink less when you focus on listening to someone.

The less under pressure you can help yourself to feel, the less you will blink.

Natalie explains how to slow down blinking.

Slow down. If you’re anxious about how you’re coming across, you can really help yourself by speaking at a more leisurely pace. Remember – you are in control of your expression and not the other way around.

Ahh, there it is! Lou Holtz needs to slow down. That’s definitely the issue.

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