Lauren Tannehill Needs To Eat A Burger [PHOTOS]



Somehow, the Miami Dolphins blew their chance at clinching the last AFC playoff spot. Needing only one victory to capture a post-season berth, the Dolphins lost their final two games to the Bills and Jets by a combined score of 39-7. Pathetic.

Was it Joe Philbin’s play-calling? A lingering hangover from the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito incident? Too many late South Beach nights?

Whatever. Just don’t blame Lauren Tannehill. The wife of Miami QB Ryan Tannehill has been training her ass off (almost literally), as you can see in the photo above from her Instagram profile.

When the ‘Phins return for the 2014 season, Lauren will likely be in better shape than most of the Miami players. Maybe she and Mike Wallace can alternate snaps at WR?

Lauren may feel more secure in Miami than her husband. Mr. Tannehill’s 17 interceptions — four more than he threw in 2012 — were tied for seventh-most in the NFL with Matt Ryan.


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