BC Mailbag: Media Member Got Nose Job & UCF WR Wasted At Bar?


Mailbag time. Yeah, I don’t do a mailbag that often so you know this is about to get good.

First item:

We received a tip this holiday season that there is allegedly a member of the TV sports media that will be revealing some plastic surgery work (a new nose) early in 2014. It’s not like plastic surgery is anything new to sports (Jerry Jones) or sports media, but you guys love these stories so I couldn’t just sit on it.

Our tipster says this person has been off TV for a few weeks and will look different when you see he/she in a few days.

Fire away with your guesses.

Second item:

We received an email last week with the following lead: “Have two videos of WR JJ Worton of UCF wasted, at a bar in Homestead, FL.”

Worton has been Blake Bortles stud wide receiver, hauling in 42 catches for 665 and 7 TDs. I never heard back from the tipster. Were you in the bar? Was it a Manziel-like wasted? Is this guy some sort of college legend in the making that we didn’t know about? Fill in the details.

The guy was once arrested for punching a cop. Would I be shocked if he had a few pops at a Homestead bar during the holidays? Not at all.


Third item:

Picture 1

When MediaTakeout.com reports something, you know it’s 56.8% true.

Fourth item:

A friend asked me earlier this month if there was any truth to the rumor that the Detroit Tigers traded Prince Fielder, in part, because his wife (now ex) had been banging then-Tigers OF Avisail Garcia (now with the White Sox) and Prince was never the same.

The story goes that something happened in the clubhouse and Fielder’s relationship with teammates had been fractured.

Or it’s easier to believe that the Tigers traded Fielder to free up cash to sign pitchers and character guys who will be slightly more motivated in the playoffs than the aloof first baseman. The divorce destroyed the guy. The Tigers were right to move him before he became a .251/24/79 guy.

Have a tip that Busted Coverage‘s i-Team needs to investigate? Let us know.


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