Angry Browns Fan Takes Protest To Team Headquarters



Factory of Sadness. Waiting for next year. Can’t wait for Spring Training. Can’t wait for the NFL Draft. Can’t wait for training camp.

I keep saying it and it’s true, there isn’t a more loyal, more depressed group of fans in sports like Cleveland fans. Don’t give me Cubs fans. Losing is fun to them.

I can’t stand Cleveland teams, yet I find myself with a lump in my throat looking at this Cleveland fan today outside the team’s Berea headquarters, just hours after management announced the firing of Chud.

Krazy Mazie (@JMazie14) tweeted today:

Spending the day with a Brown Paper Bag on my head standing in the cold in Berea sounds like a great way to spend my vacation

I spent Hundreds of hours Tailgating in Munilot I think its time I bundle up and head down to Berea!!! Time to make a fool out of myself

My phones about to die so I don’t know what’s happening besides a bunch of people laughing at me but oh we’ll Go browns

So sad.

And they made Krazy Mazie take his protest to the other side of the street.


Browns-Fan-Protest-4 Browns-Fan-Protest-5 Browns-Fan-Protest-1


[HT: Deadspin]

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