Roger Clemens Belts Out ‘Play That Funky Music’ At Houston Party


Roger Clemens Singing

It’s now clear that Roger Clemens has a go-to song when he decides to sing at parties. There was the Rocket again this week at a Houston event, just before Christmas, singing Wild Cherry’s classic “Play That Funky Music.”

You might remember back in September when Rocket jumped onstage to belt out some Wild Cherry at a birthday party for a Houston TV anchor.

Flash-forward to December 23 when Rocket told the party band his plan.

“Roger Clemens wanted to sing. So we gave him the mic,” @EmersonStPierre tweeted.

It appears Rocket has his Baseball Hall of Fame speech prepared:

Hey, Once I was a funky singer playin’ in a Rock and Roll Band
I never had no problems, yeah
Burnin’ down one night stands
And everything around me, yeah
Got to stop to feelin’ so low And I decided quickly (Yes I did)
To disco down and check out the show
Yeah, they was dancin’ and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin’
And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die

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[via @EmersonStPierre]

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