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Australian Lingerie Football Coach Goes On F-Bomb Tirade

Meet New South Wales (Australia) Surge head coach Jason Gaffey. He’s a Lingerie Football (yes, I know they call it the Legends Football League) coach who has seen just about enough out of his American imported linebacker Monique Gaxiola. She’s best known as the Ray Lewis of American lingerie football.

Gaffey (@Gaff55) doesn’t give two shits about her status. He needs to win lingerie football games or his ass will get canned. He’s here to win Australian lingerie football games and has to put up with backtalk from some punk ass American who is in Australia to do a job.

Jason’s team would eventually get even with Western Australia 18-18 in the 4th and somehow lose 20-18.

Best of the New South Wales Lingerie Ladies:

[New South Wales Surge – Facebook]

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