I Didn’t Even Recognize Dmitri Young With Ickey Woods & Danny Graves


I just happened to come across this photo from Danny Graves at an early December Redsfest and was shocked to learn that’s Dmitri Young on the left. Of course I recognized Ickey Woods in his sweat pants. Ickey, 47, isn’t looking so well, but that’s a story for another day. It has been 25 years since he shuffled through the playoffs and to the Super Bowl.

What happened to Meathook’s hair? The beef? The arms? It’s all gone.

@DaMeathookYoung back in the day:


Da Meatlesshook:

Picture 1


Dmitri revealed in 2012 that he had lost 75 pounds after playing during his career near 300. It now appears he’s much closer to 200 pounds on his 6’2 frame.

Jerry Crasnick wrote for ESPN in 2012:

Young, who had already quit drinking, took the advice as a personal challenge. With the support of his girlfriend, Alycia Burnham, he adopted a healthier diet and stepped on the treadmill and the elliptical machine with a purpose. He has warmed to the idea of smaller portions, and will happily expound on the benefits of wheatgrass.

“I’m not eating like a Viking now,” Young said. “I’ve learned to hold off, and when I do get my treat, I don’t abuse it. I’ll eat one slice of pecan pie and call it a day, instead of eating half the pie or the whole pie.”


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