Odd: Michael Jordan, Kid Rock & Wayne Gretzky Drinking Together

We missed the party Wayne Gretzky hosted for newly inducted Hockey Hall of Fame member Chris Chelios in Toronto last month. You too? Damn.

Well, the guest list was impressive, but this photo of Michael Jordan, Kid Rock and Wayne Gretzky taken by Wayne’s wife Janet is a BC photo of the year candidate.

Any photo in which Gretzky AND Jordan look drunk is fantastic, but the grins on these guys are dead solid perfect. Kid Rock’s vacant stupor is just a bonus.

Why Kid Rock? Well, why not? Plus, he provided a musical performance.

After 26 seasons in the NHL, Chelios made a number of celebrity friends both in and out of the sports world. When two of the greatest athletes of all-time are comfortable enough around someone and their friends to get lit, it speaks pretty well for the guest of honor.

[H/T: Instagram.com/janetgretzky]

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