Sad Cleveland Christmas Gifts, Tebow Family Christmas & LeBron Lakers Jersey

morning twitpics

And we’re back to the grind. Bowl games return. News of Tony Romo getting shot up will be back on ESPN. LeBron dunking on a terrible Lakers team will be dissected.

As you can see in Morning Screencaps, Cleveland fans had a decent Christmas. They got very sad t-shirts from loved ones and just had to smile. Say what you want about Cleveland, but nobody has fun with losing like these people. Don’t even give me “Uh, Chicago Cubs fan.”

Bullshit. Cleveland owns losing.

As for you Romo & Cowboys fans, this from @MrFoxNYC:

Tony Romo is 1-6 all time in “win or go home” games. Including playoffs. And the Dallas cowboys are 2-11 in week 17. Ruh roh..