Paulina Gretzky Rocked A Onesie For Christmas [PHOTOS]

Paulina Gretzky 1

Paulina Gretzky is the reigning world champion of WAG-dom because she can post a picture in a lace bra a few days before Christmas (below), and then reel it all in by wearing matching onesies with her brothers Trevor and Ty and her mom, actress Janet Jones Gretzky.

You know Wayne Gretzky was probably wearing a onesie too, but someone had to take the picture. It goes to show you that “The Great One” is still thinking one move ahead of everyone else.

We don’t know if Paulina’s fiance Dustin Johnson was with his lady for Christmas, or if the two were doing the separate families thing. IF DJ was around, it’s 100 percent lock city that his lanky ass was also in a onesie.

Look, the holidays are all about indulging the off-beat behavior of your family. You let your drunk uncle guzzle Old Milwaukee and go on about how he was a great high school quarterback, and rich folks wear adult footie pajamas in their tastefully decorated winter home.

Paulina Gretzky 6

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