Lane Kiffin Spotted Getting Comfortable In Tuscaloosa Restaurant



You might’ve heard that Lane Kiffin was recently brought in by Nick Saban to look over the Alabama offense as the team prepared for the Sugar Bowl. Just the thought of Kiffin being anywhere close to the Bama program had the loyalists on edge.

And then Lane decided to go out Saturday night to the Innisfree in Tuscaloosa. It’s an Irish pub that gets 3.5 stars on Yelp. The guy is smiling – with locals! He’s not the least bit uncomfortable.

Of course fans that heard the news on Twitter lost their minds.

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The guy is getting really, really comfortable in Tuscaloosa. When a guy like Kiffin can go to a local joint and enjoy himself after 10 p.m., that means something. Would Saban do the unthinkable and bring Lane on full time?

Saban said last week that “Lane is a really good offensive coach and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him.”

It’s happening, Bama fan. Kiffin is weaseling his way in.

[via @YourBassMaster]