AJ McCarron’s Dad Went Hand On Katherine Webb’s Leg!

Katherine Webb Tony McCarron

We were surprised when we didn’t see many photos of Katherine Webb, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, leading up to the Dec. 14 Heisman Trophy ceremony. Maybe that was by design; Webb was often in the spotlight at ‘Bama games and events since bursting on the scene in late 2012, but this was AJ’s moment.

Of course, Webb was with McCarron’s family in New York (see above), just like she was with them in Orlando a few days earlier, but she just kept a lower profile. She never stopped bonding with the McCarrons.

The McCarrons are the coolest family in college football. AJ won back-to-back national titles and the 2013 Maxwell and Unitas awards; Dee Dee Bonner is easily mom of the decade; Corey McCarron plays tight end for the Crimson Tide (and gets to hang out with hot models) and Tony McCarron?

Tony McCarron taught AJ everything he knows.

Webb and McCarron have been dating for well over a year, so the engagement talk will probably start soon enough. Hell, she’s already part of the family, so making it official is just a formality at this point.