Will Lingerie Football Be More Popular In Australia Than The U.S.? [PHOTOS]

The Legends Football League, best known to dudes as the former Lingerie Football League, has had a roller coaster ride of a month.

As we told you it would), the LFL debuted in Australia in December to capacity crowds and solid TV ratings. Its latest event — the Western Australia Angels vs. the New South Wales Surge at Perth — was a huge hit with Aussie fans this past weekend.

However, LFL officials announced on Friday that the Philadelphia Passion and Minnesota Valkyries “will not be competing in the upcoming 2014 season of LFL USA.”

The LFL expects Philly to be back in 2015, but Minnesota is out indefinitely.

“It’s an unfortunate circumstance but one that every new sports franchise has to deal with, the idea of expansion into the right markets while pulling back from markets where the ideal situation does not exist. We look forward to returning to both markets as the LFL USA brand grows in the coming years,” said Mitchell Mortaza, LFL Global, Chairman.

Maybe the market for the LFL is just better in places like Australia? Could be. We’ll keep you updated.


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