Redskins Cheerleader Clotheslines, D. Wade Engaged & Beyonce’s Dress


daily dump


A 2 p.m. bowl game (East Carolina-Ohio) and the final game at Candlestick? That’s not a bad Monday. I might even get real crazy and watch a little of the Minnesota Wild-Flyers on NBCSN (7:30) just so keep an eye on drunk Philly fans.

Bowl Game Cheerleader Showdown

Redskins cheerleader clotheslined Garcon

D. Wade got engaged Sat. via this ring

GIF: LeGarrete Blount does Ray Ray dance

Stafford’s girlfriend address DET fans

Best NFL GIFs of Week 16

Beyonce’s ass IN THIS at album release party

Trust me: Alexa Sandberg

NSFW Redskins Fan of the Day

Sandwich Porn of the Day

Picture 1

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