Hot Dog Vendor At Half-Empty FedEx Field Eating His Own Wieners


Times must be tough for FedEx Field workers. Matt brooks of The Washington Post caught one hot dog vendor eating his own products during the Redskins-Cowboys game at the half-empty stadium on Sunday.

You think the FedEx Field hot dog vendor was ordered to return with an empty steamer, or do you think a brother just had the munchies?

You know, this FedEx hot dog vendor chowing down his profits is a pretty good metaphor for the Redskins’ season: they started out filled with hope, but then resorted to a form of cannibalism.

Hmmm…If the ‘Skins’ players and coaches were stranded on an island with no food and had to resort to the unthinkable, who gets eaten first?

Gotta be Kyle Shanahan, right?

Yes, that's my real name.
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