Florida Newspaper Runs Jameis Winston’s Photo For Boy’s Birthday Announcement


You’ll have to excuse the Panama City newspaper on this one. They didn’t realize that was Jameis Winston’s photo being used to announce Alex Downing’s 13th birthday this week.

You can thank BC follower @pcbeachlaw for this prank.

Sent in pic of @adown15 & @jaboowins to paper for Alex’s 13th bday today! This happened. Lol!

That Downing kid sure looks like he hit puberty kinda early. Rifle for an arm. Two-sports athlete. Chin fuzz.

Of  course the Panama City News Herald editor was embarrassed. It’s the newspaper business. He’s already having a tough time and now this Winston’s birthday announcement is about to hit Romenesko, Deadspin and other mainstream sites.

@mikecaz tweeted:

Ouch. Any defense I mount would be as porous as the Gators secondary.

Mike had the paper run the correct birthday photo of the white kid and everyone had a good chuckle.


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