Vito From The Sopranos Gets Bobby Knight To Smile




Look closely and you’ll see that Vito, from The Sopranos, got Bobby Knight to smile for a photo this week at what we’ll assume is some NYC joint. Knight was in the area to call the Stanford-UConn game.

You might remember Joe Gannascoli’s (@JoeGannascoli) Vito character from seasons 2 through 6. Vito went from being a soldier, to a capo, to a closeted homosexual who was caught blowing a security guard in season 5.

He was eventually killed off because of the homosexual thing. From Wikipedia:

Vito eventually approaches Tony Soprano at a mall, while Vito’s brother, Bryan, kept watch. Vito claimed that his homosexual behavior had been caused by medication. Wanting to “buy himself back” into the business, he offered Tony $200,000 and said he would run the family’s Atlantic City prostitution and drug businesses. Tony was tempted by the offer, but realized this would bring him into open war with the Lupertazzis. Lupertazzi crime family boss Phil Leotardo, a virulent homophobe, demanded Vito’s death, so Tony quietly arranged for Carlo Gervasi to make a hit on Vito. Meanwhile, Vito reunited with his family. He explained his absence to his children by claiming that he was an undercover CIA agent hiding out in Afghanistan, and warned them not to tell anybody. He later ran into Terry Doria, whom he agreed to loan $20,000 for child support.

That night, Vito returned to his motel room and was ambushed by Phil Leotardo and two of his soldiers, Gerry Torciano and “Fat Dom” Gamiello. Torciano and Gamiello duct-taped Vito’s mouth shut and beat him to death while Phil Leotardo watched. It was later revealed that Vito was found with a pool cue in his anus, a message that he was killed because of his homosexuality.

Anyway, Bob was a fan. Can’t you tell?


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