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The Best Of NFL @Doodlefreak – Arsenio Gárate


Do me a favor and go follow NFL game illustrator @doodlefreak, Arsenio Gárate on Twitter. I don’t know the guy, just started following him this morning after coming across his Tony Romo choking illustration and became an instant fan.

In the six years that BC has existed, it has been rare to come across people who are doing original work that makes you stop. Aresenio, who is based in Mexico, is that guy. He only has 1,300 followers after 1,700 tweets and deserves much more attention for this work.

The best part of his work is that the self-described “big Niner fan” illustrates a variety of games. Buffalo gets illustrated. The Bengals get illustrated. Detroit’s included. The 49ers get critiqued. Polamalu’s hair. A Patriot with a meat cleaver.

The guy does it all (check out his World Series illustrations).

[Arsenio Garate – Official site]


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