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It Looks Like Paulina Gretzky Worked A Stripper Pole For 25th Birthday

Paulina Gretzky celebrated her 25th birthday last night, and from what we can see, it looks like she might’ve worked over a stripper pole in Aspen. Details are still sketchy, but that looks like a pole and in a club. Stripper pole?

The other big news: we don’t see an engagement ring. Odd.

Maybe she just didn’t want to damage the rock on the stripper pole. Her and DJ looked pretty happy in this photo he posted.

Kudos to Ty Gretzky for double-fisting at the party. Seems like the rich kids had all sorts of fun.

Paulina-Gretzky-Birthday-Party-1 Paulina-Gretzky-Birthday-Party-2

That’s Tom Selleck’s daughter on the left:

Picture 1

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