Watch For The Liver Kick! Watch For It! Watch! Shit, Too Late


Picture 2



Skip to the 3:00 mark when the dude sets him up for the liver shot.

According to our trusty Russian-to-English translator:

Semifinal of the Open Cup of Moscow on mixed fighting single combat ММА (01.12.2013) Knockout a leg in a liver from a turn

That would be December 1 for those of you who aren’t hip with European dates.

Notice that the medic sprays the dude’s chest with some sort of aerosol. Let’s just say that if you ever get kicked in the liver, you don’t want that shit happening to you in Russia.

By the way, is the crowd alive? No reaction to a guy acting like he’s dying? Silence? Is this how you freaks are going to treat the Winter Olympics?


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