Hunter Pence Scooter Bobblehead Already Best 2014 MLB Promo Item?


Hunter Pence Scooter Bobblehead

Hunter Pence is an under-appreciated major league star. All the guy does is show up, play his ass off every day and have fun doing it, yet you rarely hear much about him.

The San Francisco Giants are stepping up the Pence hype machine (especially now that they have the outfielder under contract through 2018).

The Giants will give away a bobblehead featuring Pence riding a scooter to the first 40,000 fans through the gates of AT&T Park at the team’s April 9 game against the D’backs.

As we’ve noted in the past, Pence sometimes rides a scooter to home games. It’s probably a nicer ride when Pence’s girlfriend Savanna Sweetland comes along, though. (No, she doesn’t get a bobblehead. Yet.)

Pence Sooter Bobblehead  BIG

[H/T: Cut 4]

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