Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders In Costumes For Christmas Party [PHOTOS]


Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 1

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders practically invented the professional cheerleading game. Anything another NFL or NBA cheer squad does, the DCC have probably done it before (like dressing in holiday costumes, for instance).

This past Friday, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders had their annual holiday party at director Kelli Finglass’ house.

Instead of jumping into cocktail dresses and ball gowns for the party, the DCC wore seasonal costumes and exchanged gifts. They posted the results to their Facebook page.

Some of the girls then went off for a USO Tour for U.S. troops in Korea.

The Cowboys, meanwhile, are still in the playoff hunt. They’ll be at Washington this Sunday (1 p.m. EST on Fox) and home to host the Eagles on Sun. Dec. 29 for a game that could decide the NFC East.

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