20 Cool Sports Christmas Gifts From The 1980s




We remember a time when a Nerf door basketball hoop was the greatest invention known to man. There were even some of us who had the football Cabbage Patch doll. Not me. Mass production of Cabbage Patch dolls would start in 1982 and peak with parents fighting over them at Toys ‘R Us. We remember many Christmas Eves in the 1980s, wondering if mom and dad had scored Tecmo Bowl and/or Double Dribble.

I also remember the Christmas when dad bought the original Sega instead of the original Nintendo. Some sales guy told him Sega was better. I’ve never forgiven him for that fail and don’t care about video games to this day.

Those were simpler times when worrying about which accessories grandma would get for the iPhone 5 seemed so futuristic.

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