Clemson Engages Ohio State In Troll War



It’s rare for two schools to engage in a BCS bowl war like the one that is going on between Ohio State and Clemson. Buckeye fans started the war this week when they put a “Charlie Bauman had it coming” (the player Woody Hayes punched) sign on a Clemson statue.

We were told by Clemson insiders (@ClemsonTom) that there would be retribution.

And that came last night when Clemson fans returned the favor with this “Woody punches like a sissy” GameDay sign. (Bauman, who was living in Cincinnati, revealed a few years ago that he secretly attended Ohio State games.)

The good news here is that there haven’t been punches thrown between the fans. It seems both sides are having fun with this. We’ll see how things go when the two sides mix at the Clevelander on South Beach.

Will someone get hit? I’m taking the OVER.


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