Mark Eaton Palming Some Ass


Remember Mark Eaton? John Stockton and Mark Eaton? Stockton-Eaton-Malone? Of course you remember the 7’4″ Utah Jazz blocking machine.

Mark now has a variety of jobs that keep him busy and motivational speaking is one of those jobs. You know how this stuff goes: famous guy who is a hero to so many gives speech for a company who thinks motivational speaking will fire up the employees to work even harder.

That’s Eaton’s job – to get your ass in gear.

I like to keep an eye out for Eaton because there’s nothing people love more than taking photos with 7-footers, especially 7-footers who played in the 1980s. It’s crushing to think that Manute Bol is no longer with us.

The above photo comes from @CHGHealthcare. They had Eaton speak a couple weeks ago and that led to this photo opp.

I’ll just leave the photo for you to analyze.


My other favorite Mark Eaton photo:


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