BC Tipster: ‘Gronk Called My Walmart’


You might’ve seen our report on Monday that Gronk was spotted over the weekend shopping for organic condoms at a Rhode Island Whole Foods.

Then the emails started rolling in.

Jill S. reported:

A man called my Walmart store in north Smithfield on sat. afternoon looking for a tv. he spoke with me and at the end of the call he told me he was Rob Gronkowski. Well we waited and he never showed up. Is there any way of finding out if it was really him???

And what kind of TV was this Gronk looking for?

a small one if it really was him maybe it was for someone.

We’ll ask around.

Have you spotted Gronk shopping via a scooter or out buying Christmas gifts? Has Gronk called your store looking for a TV? Let us know.


TV station actually reports on Gronk at Whole Foods: