Ravens Fan’s Pimped Scooter Has LED Lights & 36 Player Autographs [PHOTOS]


You think you are the Baltimore Ravens‘ biggest fan? Wrong. Unless you have a whip as cool as Daniel Knott’s Pride Wrangler XT Mobility Scooter, you are just chasing second place.

Knott posted a video of his unique custom ride to YouTube last year after it was initially pimped out. A young Ravens’ fan saw it recently and posted an image to Instagram on Monday.

Among the customizations done to Knott’s scooter:

• Custom “Burple” paint

• Single blue LED diodes inside the head lights and tail lights

• Twelve-inch bright blue LED flex strips on the under carriage and the fender wells

• Strobe lights

• 36 autographs of Ravens’ players (obtained since the video was posted)

Knott discussed pimping his ride on the YouTube post:

I get lots of attention everywhere i go on it and I am stopped so that people can take pictures. It has inspired others who use scooters and electric wheel chairs by giving them ideas how they would like to customize they’re rides. Since we need to use them may as well make them our own. It is a big hit down at the VA Hospital in Baltimore with the other veterans and staff.

The Ravens play the Lions in Detroit on Monday Night Football at 8:40 p.m. EST (ESPN). It’s a stone-cold lock that Knott will be tuned into the action.

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