Heisman Winner Eric Crouch Left Jameis Winston Off Heisman Ballot


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We’ll let Eric Crouch explain how he voted for the Heisman.

Ever heard of Ka’Deem Carey? Probably not unless you are a Pac-12 junkie. His stats: 1,716 rushing yards (200 fewer than his 2012 season), 17 TDs (six less than his 2012 season) and 173 receiving yards (130 fewer than 2012 season).

So, as you can see, Carey should’ve been your Heisman and Jameis Winston didn’t deserve to be on the Eric Crouch ballot because he was being investigated for a 2012 incident.

Carey finished 10th in Saturday’s Heisman voting with two first place votes.

Mysteriously, Carey didn’t place in the top 10 of the 2012 Heisman vote, yet he had a better season than 2013.



As for the idea that Crouch votes for morals and values, Ka’Deem Carey had his own legal issues earlier this year. Carey was served order of protection papers for an incident that happened December 23, 2012. Tucson cops reported:

Carey was trying to get into his pregnant ex-girlfriend’s house to get a lighter to smoke drugs. She wouldn’t let him inside so he allegedly pushed the woman down and then slammed the door on her hand.

In response, Carey tried to get a restraining order against the 23-year-old ex-girlfriend and her mother, but that request was denied.

Ironically, the Carey chargers were eventually dropped.

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