Even RG3’s Wedding Day Text Buddy Is Making Fun of Him



This time last year, Robert Griffin III was leading the Redskins on a seven-game winning streak that brought the NFC East title to Washington. The young quarterback was seen by many as the NFL’s next superstar.

This year? RG3 is benched, the Redskins have the second-worst record in the NFL, and even Meredith Barber, RG3’s wedding day text buddy, is making fun of him.

During yesterday’s 27-26 Redskins’ loss in Atlanta, a guy Barber follows on Twitter joked that RG3 might be looking her up to vent about Kirk Cousins. Barber responded and a short chat followed.

And, there was more:

Oof. Tough times for RG3.

Fans will probably give Griffin a pass on 2013 considering his knee injuries, but he may have pissed away a lot of good will with that obnoxious Gatorade commercial documentary prior to the season. He’ll have quite a bit to prove in 2014.


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