Devin Brugman Is Destroying Bikini Game In Australia



Devin Brugman, the former girlfriend of Browns wide receiver Greg Little, is in Australia right now and is helping my ass forget it was like 2 degrees when I got out of bed this morning. The Australian water looks amazing. It’s sooo clear.

Look, it’s hard to blame American chicks for heading Down Under to do bikini shoots right now. It’s summer. The outdoor festivals are about to start. Arcade Fire plays Big Day Out on January 17. You get in a couple weeks of bikini shoots, spend Christmas on the beach, do the festival circuit and head back to the States when the weather breaks.

Brugman-Australia-1 Brugman-Australia-3

Anyway, @devin_brugman (I keep saying she’s due to become a household name) is starting her bikini shooting season and the initial results are pretty decent. She’s also doing work for her business, @ABikiniADay.

You’ve been warned, Aussies.

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