Does Michelle Jenneke Just Wear A Bikini All The Time? [PHOTOS]

Michelle Jenneke LEAD 1

Michelle Jenneke is…look, you know who she is: think hurdling warm-up routine. Yes, that’s her.

While Jenneke is still training as a hurdler with the hope of competing for Australia at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, she’s already won a gold medal in Instagram.

She posted a pic of herself in a bikini at Wet ‘N’ Wild in Sydney to her Instagram profile on Thursday morning.

Jenneke’s new bikini picture is in addition to bikini pics from earlier this year of her on a dock, at the pool, at the beach, near a stream, etc, etc. etc.

The point is, if Jenneke was just posting inspirational quotes, food pics and other crap to Insty, would she still be as well known in the sports world nearly 18 months after her “viral” fame?

The young woman is a world-class Instagrammer. Give her the damn gold right now.