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58 Best GameDay Signs Of 2013


It really wasn’t that good of a year for GameDay signs. There were the twerking signs, the wrecking ball signs, a few early Manziel signs and a few new great NSFW works of art from college students. There was even the Oklahoma State student who impressed a porn star with his defense sign.

Worthless GameDay stops that didn’t impress us: Northwestern, Big Ten Championship, Clemson (twice)

Underrated GameDay Stop of the Year: USC (campus show)

Overrated GameDay Stop of the Year: Texas A&M

GameDay Stop of the Year: Florida State

Sign of the Year: (picture of Herbstreit) “My mom wants to blow you, show her your O face.” Runner-up: “You are going to loose.”

What did we miss? Which sign needs to be added?

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