Meet Mike Glennon’s Girlfriend Jessica Wetherill




It’s hard to believe we’re just getting around to posting Tampa QB Mike Glennon’s girlfriend Jessica Wetherill, a poor man’s Lauren Tannehill, Florida’s #1 QB wife.

But we could easily see a battle brewing between these two for Sunshine State WAG supremacy. Wetherill is a 9-7 season away from busting on the scene when Mike gets his legs under him. The guy’s a rookie who only has 10 starts (has won 4 of his last 5 games).

So it’s time to start paying attention to Wetherill. She went to N.C. State with Glennon and is a recent graduate with a finance degree. Glennon’s four-year contract is reportedly worth $3,104,063 with a $637,500 signing bonus, so Wetherill should be able to do something to make money with that money.

All we need now are more bikini pics and Wetherill could possibly snag Tannehill’s spot.

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