Longer Video Of West Virginia Twerker & Reports From Students


WVU Twerker

We received multiple emails from West Virginia fans and students who were there Tuesday night for the WVU Twerk Show. Matthew C. was nice enough to send us a longer video of the action and the reaction when security tried to boot Twerk Show.

All in all, you must hand it to Mountaineers fans for all the i-Team coverage.

From William:

Dear Busted Coverage,
I was actually at the game last night and witnessed the full incident with the now viral twerking girl at the WVU game. Better yet, I am a student reporter at WVU and tried to get an interview with the said girl. I got in touch with her roommate who kindly declined my request for an interview and things quickly took a very interesting turn. When it was all said an done I was on the receiving end of attacks and legal threats from her friends on twitter. It was obviously without merit so I have no fear about legal action right now. I’d be happy to explain the detailed situation but I don’t want my name being associated with it.


I told William to give us a full report; waiting to hear back.

Grant S. reports:

The twerking girl was not kicked out.  An entire half of the stadium erupted into a “Let her Stay” chant and security backed off.  My first  time to morgantown and the fans lived up to the hype.

As you can see in the video.

Audrey G. reports:

entire student body section chanted “let her stay” and security left her alone

So we hear.

Pete J. wrote in this morning:

Does anyone know who this young lady is yet?

Canadian fan in Pennsylvania for the winter :)

$1,000 says he’s fracking & looking for a twerker this weekend.

Do you have more reports about WVU Twerker? Facebook or Twitter photos of this chick? A name? Let us know.


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