NHL’s Koivu Brothers Plugging Each Other According To Newspaper Headline


Koivu Brothers Plugging Headline

Obviously, the captaincy of Finland’s national hockey team is a big deal to brothers Mikko and Saku Koivu of the NHL’s Minnesota Wild and Anaheim Ducks, respectively.

A headline in Thursday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune shows just how serious the brothers are about the position.

“Koivu brothers plug each other for captaincy”

We kid because we care (and because it’s funny). Plug is a much shorter word than endorse, especially when you have one deck and four columns for Wild hockey notes.

FWIW — Canucks’ haters accuse the Sedins of the same behavior every night, We assume Henrik Zetterberg is the odds-on favorite for the ‘C’ on the Swedish team.

[H/T: @ShaneKoning]

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