Nick Saban Paged At Austin Airport


Nick Saban Austin Airport

Nick Saban is still the coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide (for now). So why did Saban get paged at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas on Tuesday morning?

Answer: Saban will leave Alabama to coach the Texas Longhorns for the highest-paying contract in college football history. It makes total sense…

…unless you have a brain, in which case you’d realize that the page was most likely the work of a troll capitalizing on the interest around Mack Brown’s uncertain status as Longhorns’ head football coach.

All Saban to Texas rumors are baseless thus far, but that’s not going to stop the Texas fans β€” and the Troll Tide contingent β€” from keeping the rumor mill rolling.

How ridiculous is it? Read these tweets; none of this stuff has been confirmed as true.

And that’s just in the last 24 hours or so. If Brown is out at Texas, expect these rumors to do nothing but intensify right into bowl season.


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