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I tried to tell you guys yesterday that Tony Romo had entered December and he was due to go into the shitter. The guy is now 11-16 in December during his career after last night’s loss to the Bears. Yes, I understand the loss wasn’t really Tony’s fault. He was 11-20 for 104 yards and 3 TDs – no picks.

But there was the 4th down play in the third quarter.

From the Dallas Morning News:

The epitome of Cowboys futility came with a horrific fourth-and-nine misplay in the waning seconds of the third quarter. ESPN analyst Jon Gruden departed from his litany of generalities and techno-babble to deliver the ultimate indictment.

“Chicago has had their way with Dallas in every phase,” Gruden said with the Cowboys trailing by 21 points and unable to get off anything more than quarterback Tony Romo throwing the ball away.

It marked the first time this season the Cowboys tried a fourth-down play from scrimmage.

And then the ESPN cameras caught Romo jawing at running back DeMarco Murray for a second time in the game. And that was just before Romo lectured rookie center Travis Frederick.

Oh no, Romo.

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