Rockets Mascot Hits Half Court Hook Shot While Balancing On Ball [VIDEO]



NBA mascots don’t get a ton of respect, but Houston’s Clutch the Bear is different. He was recently named the No. 1 mascot in the NBA, perhaps because he can make shots like the one in the video above (before Sunday’s Rockets-Magic game in Houston).

Just your standard half court hook shot while balancing on a giant ball. No big friggin’ deal.

We assume that was Robert Boudwin, sans his Clutch costume, but the Orlando Sentinel report doesn’t confirm that.

Clutch isn’t new to trick shots. He hit a no-look half court shot earlier this season (below).

Meanwhile, Dwight Howard STILL struggles with free throws. Embarrassing.

The Rockets beat the Magic, 98-88.

[H/T: Orlando Sentinel]

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