Johnny Vegas: Girlfriend Sarah Savage Shows Up In Vegas For His 21st



Someone tell me this is a joke. Tell me this is a troll job by Sarah Savage, Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend. I never thought I’d see the day when Johnny Vegas would allow his girlfriend to show up in Sin City for his 21st birthday party.

This chick Emily Huskinson (@emilyhusk) better be lying:

Celebrating @JManziel2 birthday in Vegas🎉 #Remembah@Sarah_Savage13

And she posted the above photo. I’m sick. No wonder this guy hasn’t been going balls to the walls this weekend.

What does this all mean? The Johnny we all knew is over. The days of partying his ass seem to be over as he prepares for life in the NFL. Maturity.

It was fun while it lasted. We’ll never forget the fun days.

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