Buy Randy Moss’ Old Minnesota Vikings Purple Lexus – $7,500


Looking to buy a car for your son or daughter? Are your kids Minnesota Vikings fans? Yes? Perfect. You should get on eBay right now and buy Randy Moss’ old Minnesota Vikings purple Lexus for just $7,500. Your kid can drive around town smoking weed and the cops will never seem them thanks to the tinted windows.

According to seller:

Randy Moss aquired [SIC] this vehicle after being selected NFL Rookie of the Year in 1998. It was originally white, Randy had it painted Minnesota Vikings Purple…to show his “Purple Pride”The car has been a daily driver the last several years as it was aquired [SIC] by one of Randy’s former Agent/Attorney. It has several small dings and scrapes and shows normal wear.

Wait, Randy had the car painted purple because he played for the Vikings? Love it.

The sellers added:

The real goal is to provide a Randy Moss or Minnesota Vikings fan a true once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of unusual sports memoribillia

Your kid is going to love this Christmas gift. Only has 145,000 miles. Should last your kid a year or two.

*Some of you want to know if this is the Lexus Moss used to hit a Minneapolis cop, which would obviously raise the value on the memorabilia market. IT IS NOT. He hit the cop in his 2002 maroon Lexus.