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Johnny Vegas: We’ll Buy Your Johnny Manziel 21st Vegas Birthday Photos



Word on the street is that Johnny Manziel and his college bros (yes, Uncle Nate, too) landed last night in Sin City to celebrate JFF’s 21st birthday, which is today. Of course Vegas makes total sense. Where would you rather celebrate a 21st after coming off two SEC road losses?

We know JFF is being very secretive about his Vegas shenanigans. There’s an NFL draft to think about. However, there’s no way Manziel steps foot in Vegas for a 21st and doesn’t get semi-crazy.

That’s where you guys come in.

We want the photos. We’re buying. BC is opening the bank for exclusive photos of Manziel’s 21st in Vegas. Did you end up naked in his party suite? Did you run into Johnny throwing down black chips at the Cosmo BJ tables? Club photos?

Let us know.

Update #2: That’s 100% the Hard Rock (via @mwalker0402).

Picture 2

Update: Friday, 2:39 p.m. EST – Be on the lookout if you’re at the Hard Rock. JFF is on the ground.

Picture 1

Picture 1

Manziel-Vegas Manziel-Vegas-4 Manziel-Vegas-2 Manziel-Vegas-3

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