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Nolan Ryan Selling His Ordinary Texas Home For $1.2 Million [PHOTOS]

After stepping down as the CEO of the Texas Rangers in October and selling his stake in the ballclub, Nolan Ryan is continuing his year of change by putting his Westworth Village, Tex. home on the market.

The price: a curious $1,234,700.00.

Is Ryan so caught up in his Rangers’ uniform number (34) that he’d use it as the asking price of his massive home? Maybe. Maybe it’s just a quirk.

Highlights of Nolan Ryan’s Westworth Village, Tex. Home:

• 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and 2 half-baths

• a killer custom kitchen with a large breakfast bar

• 3,634-square-feet

• 7.3 miles to Bucks Cabaret

• 19 miles from Whole Foods


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