Exclusive: Waiter Stiffed By Classless Alabama Fans Speaks



Forrest Swan, 22, is just a normal college student at East Tennessee State University who works at a Kingsport, TN wing joint (we’re withholding the named of the location so Forrest doesn’t lose his job) on weekends to pay for college. That was until after Saturday, while working a double, when he waited on Alabama fans. He’s now known as the Auburn fan/waiter who was stiffed by Alabama fans who didn’t like him being proud of the Tigers.

The only issue, Forrest told us this afternoon in a phone interview, is that he’s not really an Auburn fan. The Virginia native roots for Virginia Tech.

Swan says that the Alabama fans, who weren’t drinking, consisted of two guys and a woman in their early 20s who came in right after the Iron Bowl.

“They weren’t even wearing any Alabama stuff or anything that would tell me they were Alabama fans.”

Swan, who says he hasn’t had job-related trouble with Bama fans in the past, made small talk with his customers and said that “the game was incredible and that he was pretty proud of Auburn. They deserved it.”

“Then I just walked away. I wasn’t even talking shit, like ‘Alabama sucks’ or ‘you guys lost’.”

That was the end of his conversation about the Iron Bowl. Then came the tip.

“My reaction was shock,” Swan said.

There were two checks. One was the now infamous $20 charge on a prepaid card and the other was for $50, which he was also stiffed on. There was no Bama message left on the $50 receipt. Forrest later learned that  $20 Bama fan called the restaurant with a preposterous claim that he had tried to add a $4 tip to the Regions prepaid card.

As for what he now thinks of Alabama fans, Swan seems to have found his team in the Iron Bowl rivalry.

“The next time that rivalry comes around, I definitely won’t be wearing Crimson Tide colors, that’s for sure,” Swan said, adding that it’ll be hard not to hold this against Bama fans in the future.

Asked if he’d have a problem going to the BCS game in Pasadena if Auburn makes it and wants to have him out as a guest, he laughed.

“Absolutely, that would be the time of my life.”

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