Bama Fan Beats Up Husband & Wife After Iron Bowl Party




This Iron Bowl story isn’t nearly as bad as the Alabama fan killing the Alabama fan at the Iron Bowl party, but it’s still bad. According to Huntsville’s WAFF, a local family, who are Auburn fans, were beaten up by an angry Alabama fan who was at a nearby Iron Bowl party.

The family was lighting fireworks after the huge victory when a man came out of the woods and jumped on the husband.

Rena Tidmore said she doesn’t know if her family was targeted or if it was just a random attack, but it’s something that has kept her family on edge ever since.

“It happened so fast, it was bizarre and really crazy,” she said.

Tidmore said a stranger who just left an Iron Bowl party came out of the woods, jumped out of a moving car and came to her house.

“My son ran in and told me there is a man attacking Dad on the back porch,” she said. “I ran back there and there was a man on top of my husband hitting him with his fists. I tried to pull him off of him and he cursed at me and told me I was next and then he punched me in the face. He definitely smelled of alcohol.”

From what we can see from Rena’s Pinterest page, she’s not out looking for a fight from Bama fan. She’s a mother who likes Crock Pot french toast, light BBQ chicken pizzas and dinners made easy.

What have we come to as a college football nation when a family can’t shoot off fireworks after beating Alabama without getting curbstomped?

Roll Tide!

[Family attacked after Iron Bowl party – WAFF]

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