Jose Canseco Lets Pet Goats Roam Around In His House



Remember a week or so ago when Jose Canseco was pulled over with a goat wearing a diaper in the back of his SUV? Of course you do. Jose was transporting the fainting goats to his Las Vegas house. Now we see that Jose is actually letting those goats live like dogs in his comfy house. Nope, they’re not outside goats.

From @JoseCanseco:

Coco and Chanel our fainting goats love their papa and mama @ModelLeila. Coco faints a lot.

Love the goat names.

According to


  • are social animals and enjoy the company of other goats or farm animals.

  • are notorious for undoing simple gate closures.

  • tend to respect electric fencing.

  • investigate everything in their environment with their mouths(!) including paperwork, clothing, jewelry, etc.

  • can be trained to lead, come when called, stand for shearing & milking.

  • are avid climbers!

  • may chew off the bark around trees.

Stay off steroids, kids. You might hit 500 home runs, but you’ll end up with goats living in your house.

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