Browns Fans Middle Finger Weeden, Spurs Boobs & Chiefs Fan’s Rattail


morning twitpics

And the Denver Broncos now have a 25% probability of winning the Super Bowl. On the other hand, the Chiefs are tanking in the probability department. They’re down to having a 4% probability of winning it all. The good news for K.C. fan is that your team is making the playoffs. The bad news: you only have a 52% probability of actually winning a home wild card game.

In BCS news, RJ Bell (@RJinVegas) pissed off the Twitter world last night with this:

BCS haters and SEC lovers: Vegas consensus opinion is Ohio State would be favored by 2.5 over Auburn

And this:

Alabama would still be favored over any team in the country (yes, including Florida St) – via bookmaker @JayKornegay

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